Research, development and Integration - Outsourced Projects

Our R&D department offers services of outsourced product and solition development from varied areas and for various platforms including open-source software. We provide international support for all of our solutions with agreed SLA.

Alcatel 5620 NM

interface development for network management Alcatel 5620 NM to integrate internal information systems into network management. This allowed automated provisioning of new telco lines ATM and FWA metropolitan network. Attributes of project:

Multimedia Terminals

Design and development of multimedia system for touchscreen terminals including IPTV services, Internet, Games, Payment and others. Attributes of project:


Implementation of lightweight IPTV framework for important national Internet service provider. Attributes of project:

Distributed massive data processing

Development of framework for distributed massive processing of extreme amount of data for international science institute. Attributes of project:

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